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Get paid to read emails, receive SMSes in India, join free, work at home, earn money without investment

Though there are many scam Paid to read (PTR) and paid to click (PTC) websites, there are also a few websites which pay regularly. One of the main reasons companies advertise is to increase the awareness of their product or service . Most conventional advertising methods today pay lakhs and crores of rupees to already rich models and celebrities to get the viewers attention. By advertising through permission based marketing methods like paid to Read emails and paid to view ads, companies reach their target audience at a very low cost compared to most other online advertising methods and the viewer is compensated for spending his or her time viewing the ads.

A large number of PTR/PTC programs have been reviewed and only the programs that pay out regularly are listed below:
Neobux : This is one of the most popular Paid to Click (PTC) program. Free members are paid $0.01 for every ad they view and usually can view 4 advertisements per day. Minimum payout is $2 though AlertPay or Paypal. The payment is processed instantaneously and credited to your account immediately.
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If you know or would like to recommend any other Paid to read, paid to view ads or similar program with a history of making payments reliably, send an email to dom (at)

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